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When Kate Winslet is happy to see someone, she’s not shy about it. As soon as Leonardo DiCaprio walked through the door, his “Titanic” costar gave him a full-body hug, then jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist, so that the old buddies looked like a pitcher and catcher who’d just won the world series.

- 2005 Oscar Roundtable

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Beatty and Wood: The Oscars, 1962

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Clark and Carole Marry

After a long and colorful courtship, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard came under heavy pressure from MGM boss Louis B. Mayer to “regularize” their relationship. Gable’s divorce from his second wife Ria Langham (from whom he had been separated since 1935) was finally granted at a hearing on March 8th.

On the same day Lombard told columnist Louella Parsons that she and Gable would be married soon. But, in characteristically salty fashion, she was determined that the nuptials would not be turned into a “fucking circus”. Publicist Otto Winkler chose the First Methodist-Episcopal Church in Kingman, Arizona, southeast of Los Angeles. Gable, on a two day furlough from Gone With the Wind, had to hide in the rumble seat of Winkler’s blue De Soto coupe when they stopped for gas; Lombard, in pigtails, jeans and no make-up passed for an ordinary traveler.

Photoplay Magazine, 1939

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Josh and Diane in Santa Monica, 05/01/12 [x]

“He knows me better than anyone else in the world. Lots of male friendships begin as a cheeky snog. Or a little undercurrent of flirtation. But Leo and I? No. He’s my rock. I don’t know what the fuck I would have done if I hadn’t had him.”

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